Well, I’m freaking out a…

Well, I'm freaking out a little. Just too many big huge important things going on that would be really easy to mess up. Sending me into constant minor panics. I totally lost it on the phone with Kevin last night -- I wanted him here. Right now. (well, right then.) He pointed out that he couldn't actually do, or even help with, any of the stuff I was freaking out about. Which was true. But he could make me dinner. And provide lots of hugs.

Long-distance relationships suck. They suck rocks. The only thing worse than being in a long-distance relationship with someone you love is not being in a relationship with someone you love.

I'm a little better today, but it's just been one of those go go go days from the moment I got up. I'm going to take a break from 5-6 and watch Star Trek, then it's back to work until I go to sleep. Tomorrow I get up early and work until class time, then have classes, then go get on a plane. I plan to collapse in Kevin's arms around 8 p.m. If my plane is delayed even a teeny tiny bit, I *will* hurt someone.

Okay, clearly, I'm in a mood. I'll try to write again once I get to Chicago. I hope I see some of you at ChiCon -- by Friday, I should be in a better mood, especially if all goes relatively smoothly with the Strange Horizons launch. And please, if you're in Chicago and interested in coming to the SH tea on Sunday at 4 at the Fairmont, even if you're not attending the rest of the Con, drop me a line and I'll let you know where it will be.

I promise not to snarl. :-)

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