In Chicago. It’s humid;…

In Chicago. It's humid; the air is thick. I love it. Not that I'm normally a big fan of humidity, but after Salt Lake dryness....well, it's just nice to be elsewhere for a bit.

Got in last night, Kevin was making dinner. :-) After dinner, I think we just hung out for a while -- he eventually started working and I watched some tv. Brain was feeling definitely fried. I eventually went to bed and read for a bit, then fell asleep. He woke me when he came to bed, which was fine, but then I couldn't fall asleep afterwards for about an hour. Started to feel really claustrophobic. I'm not sure whether it was having someone else in the bed, or the fact that there wasn't a fan on...I'm used to sleeping with a little fan blowing air. Anyway, it ended up being something like a panic attack -- eventually I got up and got the fan from the living room and Kevin woke up and calmed me down until I felt okay again. Maybe just stress. Who knows?

Today was fine -- slept late, then he went into the department for some meetings and I started working on SH stuff -- two days to launch! Worked for some hours, finishing up the editorial and some other bits and bobs. It's all really starting to come together -- very exciting. Worked until about five, then Kev came home and we had dinner at Medici, which was fine, but I was in the mood for a Himbeersaft float and now I want one. But I'm too lazy to go out again -- ah well. Stopped at 57th St on the way and found that they have 3 copies of Aqua Erotica, which I talked them into letting me sign! :-) Also bought a copy of Nancy Kress's _Beggars in Spain_; I have a workshop with her on Friday, so I thought I should familiarize myself. (Also Sasha Miller and James Patrick Kelly, but I didn't see any of their work at the store). Bought cookies and tea for the SH party on Saturday.

Then, basically, I came home and read _Beggars in Spain_. Still reading it; just took a break to see if there were any SH crises in the making. Doesn't look like it, so I guess I'll go back to my reading. I'm trying to trust in Sean's ability to get everything done, but it is definitely driving me a little crazy not to have the reins in my hands. When did I turn into such a control freak?

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