*yawn* Morning, my…

*yawn* Morning, my dears. I find that I'm only updating this in the morning here, probably because it's too hot and I'm too tired the rest of the time to face the computer. There's been a lot of hauling furniture up and down stairs, and the worst part of it is that while it gets me tired, it doesn't actually seem to be burning calories -- between the junk food on the road and eating at all my favorite restaurants again here (we had Ethiopian food yesterday, and Eduardo's stuffed pizza the day before...oh, and we walked to Medici yesterday and I got a Himbeersaft (raspberry) float), I've gained a couple pounds instead of losing any. Sigh.

Still, we progress. We bought a ton of stuff at IKEA -- and we're taking half of it back because it just doesn't look right in Kevin's apartment. So assembly is followed by disassembly. We had better luck yesterday -- replaced the rather hideous bedroom set that was already here with something much saner, found a sleeper sofa, and actually bought some antiques. His first -- it felt so grown-up (and rather expensive :-). Not very old antiques, but a nice mix -- a 19th-century American table (the base is modern, though) and some old Chinese stools and a bench. They're pretty darn cool-looking, and there's something really (and oddly) satisfying about knowing they're old (yet sturdy :-).

Today he promised that I don't have to haul anything heavy -- we're just going to buy plants, if we can figure out where one does so in Hyde Park. And I'm having lunch with Julia (college roommate) and we're doing dinner with Roshani and Tom, so that should all be pretty spiffy. I fly back tomorrow, which is depressing, but we won't think about that right now, okay?

I really ought to get some work done -- press release to put out, etc. Y'know, I really have no idea where one sends a press release. The calls for submission were obvious, but press releases? Help?

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