Home again, home again,…

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. For all my mopiness about missing Kevin (a Chicago song came on while I was in the cab coming back from the airport, and I got all weepy -- I *hate* getting weepy in public, and the fact that a soppy song caused it doesn't help), it is, once again, good to be home.

I'd love to do a nice long entry about the Fourth of July, and what it means for America to be my home, but I'm just too tired, munchkins. So I'll point you to Karen's instead (which also offers some nice background on Sweden), and simply stick with saying that yes, America is a country with plenty of problems and yes, living in Utah has made me aware of how very different the people and attitudes are throughout this country, but still, I love this place lots. I really do. I'd eat some apple pie if I had any. I'd wave a flag if I owned one. I'd go see a parade if I weren't so tired, and maybe I'll just sing a patriotic song or two alone in my apartment to compensate. I get all choked up at the national anthem. Soppy songs -- the bane of my existence, I tell ya.

Can't quite figure out what to do now -- should unpack, should clean up, should do laundry, should water and trim plants, should definitely prep for class tomorrow -- but I'm tired. So I think I'll watch Friends instead, and then figure out what I'm gonna do.

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