Hey, munchkins! I…

Hey, munchkins! I arrived in Chicago safe and sound, after 20+ hours of driving (and you don't want to know how fast Kev was going to make it in only 20+ hours...). Actually, it did take a few more hours than that, 'cause the traffic was so bad due to Taste of Chicago (fabulous food festival every 4th of J. weekend) that the last 20 miles took us almost 3 hours. Amazingly frustrating.

But now we're safe and sound in Kevin's cute little Hyde Park apartment, and gosh, it's nice to be back in Hyde Park. He lives on Kimbark, just south of 57th, and if you've ever lived in Hyde Park, you know what a great location that is. We walked to Medici for breakfast -- just around the corner! We stopped at 57th Street Books on the way home from Thai food last night (and oh, that shumai!) -- just around the corner! And it's just two blocks to Eckart...

I can't talk long -- he's seriously lacking furniture, so we need to go do something about that. I'll probably write later, but for now I'll just point you to the new pre-launch website for Strange Horizons! :-) Go take a look at our design contest and submission guidelines -- and then send us some stuff! :-) :-) :-)

More later, my dears.

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