Well, the naming contest…

Well, the naming contest has closed, with over 800 entries -- oof! We're in the winnowing and sorting phase now, going through and seeing which ones are unsuitable for various reasons (domain unavailable, too long, too difficult to spell, offtopic, etc.). We'll be voting by the end of the week -- exciting! There are some good ones in there too; I think we'll have a good name. :-)

Lots of good things happening at CS too. Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey; some interesting results. One of the nicest was seeing that we have pretty close to gender parity (almost as many females as males), which is just lovely. We've been doing a lot to clean up the site too (well, mostly Susannah has -- she's a doll!), and I think it's looking pretty spiffy. Note that the archives are now free and open to all!

I had kind of an odd night last night. I'd been working all day, and by evening was feeling full of restless energy but not wanting to do intellectual work. If someone had been around to suggest dancing, that would have worked. Or just having a friend to take a long walk with would have been good. I don't want to pester Paul and Marcia too much, and a lot of other people are either busy or away over the summer. And Kev's out of town, of course. I ended up watching tv -- some Friends, some Star Trek (I'm catching up on all the Voyager episodes I hadn't seen), and I watched ST First Contact again. Was fairly calm by the end of it, and read a Star Trek novel until I fell asleep. Not sure why I'm on such a Star Trek kick these days, but I'm enjoying it, so I'm not going to worry about it. I *am* a little worried about how I'm going to fill my evenings once Kev's gone...which is probably silly of me, since more than half the evenings this year we didn't spend together anyway. Just fretting, I guess.

Got most of my tasks for yesterday done -- a few got shifted over to today. But right now I need to dry my hair, slip a dress over this slip, and head downtown. I need to pick up a couple things at the mall, and I think I'll spend the afternoon working at Borders -- use their air conditioning and give my poor swamp cooler a break.

Hope your week's going well!

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