In a slightly crotchety…

In a slightly crotchety mood this morning because while I left the fan in the hallway on last night, I somehow managed to close the bedroom door, so that I got no benefit from it. Idjit. I slept okay, but not great. (The previous two nights, I left the fan on all night for the first time and slept better than I had in weeks -- air circulation must be a good thing for my brain).

On the other hand, work is doing okay. Through 1/3 of the Herotica manuscripts; the goal is to do the second third today and the final third tomorrow and ship them back to Marcy by Friday. We'll see if that happens. I probably should have gotten more done yesterday, but aside from a few hours flurry of CS and Spec Fic e-mails, I mostly read and watched tv. S'okay. I can't be frantic every day, right? Right?

I've been thinking about Jette's recent entry (which will make much more sense if you read the one before it too), and about how I cope with being alone. There are times when I'm perfectly happy being alone. I can rent videos and watch them alone -- in fact, I sort of prefer it, in movie-watching terms. I can certainly read alone, and again, I kinda prefer it. I cook and eat alone okay, I go shopping alone just fine, and while I can work with people around, I'm probably a little more productive working alone too. It's odd -- for such a social butterfly, I actually really like being alone a lot; I didn't know that before moving here. I'd always had roommates, of one kind or another -- I'd never really tried being alone.

And yet. Just because I can handle and even enjoy being alone a lot of the time, I have a suspicion that next year may not be much fun. Because what I really want is to have the option of having someone to spend time with. Someone to cuddle with. If I have that option, then it's much easier to be happy choosing to take a day or even a week to be mostly alone. It's when the option isn't there that I start becoming panicky and lonely.

Time to really get cracking on building that Utah support network. :-)

3:30. Feeling better. Classes went fine, came home, worked a little, took a nap. I'm getting into this nap thing. I think it must be the heat -- I never used to nap. It's a 100 degrees today. The swamp cooler and fan are cranked, but the sunroom (where the computer is) is still kinda warm. (Hmmm...should I be worrying about that? Do we still have to worry about keeping computers cool? I wish I knew these things. Someone told me a few months ago that we don't actually need screensavers anymore to prevent burnout. Why don't they issue little bulletins about that sort of thing?)

Some good news -- Marcy's buying "Ghosts" for The, and "The Survey" for Best Women's Erotica 2001. Huzzah! Sending stories out clearly does actually have some correlation to getting things published. I can't remember if I sent those pieces to the readers' list -- if not, let me know, and I will. I won't put them up until they've been published, which is probably going to be at least six months on both.

Some bad news too -- when I registered driftglass I forget to check the .org, which turns out to be taken. Sigh. But for a good cause, as it turns out -- someone who's planning on putting together a sf criticism site (eventually). So I offered him Ah well.

I have a whole list of little things to do today, but not much impetus to do them. Also some e-mail. What I really want to do is sit in front of the swamp cooler and have a secretary do my work for me. Or if I have to be hot, then I should be making mad, passionate love on my bed. But there is no one here to make mad, passionate love with, so I will probably settle for sending out some more stories, repotting some plants, paying bills, reading manuscripts, etc. and so on.

Tomorrow I have an official driving lesson. Meep. How do you do this again? I also have about 50 resumes/cover letters to grade. Meep again. Going to Borders early is the plan. The lesson's at 8 a.m., so I can just head over there afterwards and stay there until the resumes are done done done.

Okay -- later, munchkins.

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