Hey, munchkins. Had a…

Hey, munchkins. Had a good weekend? Mine was pretty nice, overall, with a few bobbles here and there.

Worked in the morning, then Paul and Marcia came over for brunch. They brought a Mexican frittata - yum. And I made idli and sambar. Slightly odd combination but tasty nonetheless. Afterwards we went over to Kevin's and took his VCR (they're buying it) and his coffeetable and endtables (he's giving them to me). We brought back the tables and installed them, and then I gave them my coffeetable (which I liked, but not in my apartment. It just didn't work). The place looks much better, to my eyes. I'm happy. They're going to try the coffeetable -- if they don't like it, it'll go to Goodwill. Happiness all around.

After they left I talked to Roshani for a bit, felt a little ill, fell asleep. Slept almost three hours. Felt better. Worked some more -- I'm down to ten e-mail messages again! Huzzah! But I did get some bad news; it looks like one of the Spec Fic fiction editors has decided it's not really the project for her. Ah well -- better to know now than after launch. And it's better in the long run to have people who are really excited about and committed to the project. But it'll be shame not getting to work with her.

I have been avoiding some of my work -- I have a last batch of Herotica manuscripts to read, and I just need to knuckle down and do it. And I have this incorporation book to read; I'm going to start it as soon as I finish this entry, I swear. And there's an editorial to write for CS...ah well. Tomorrow, hopefully. We progress.

Overall, productive weekend. And note -- tomorrow is the last day for the naming contest! Speak now or forever hold your peace...

Coming soon -- a graphic design contest! More freedom! More money! :-)

I'm going to go stare at that incorporation book now. Meep.

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