Work day. And a very…

Work day. And a very satisfying one it was too. I got up around 9, having gotten more than 8 hours of sleep, feeling reasonably full of energy. Worked on CS stuff until noon (note the spiffy new look of our front page -- okay, it might not look noticeably spiffier to you, but that doesn't mean that Brian and Susannah and I didn't spend an hour fiddling with it), realized I hadn't eaten, got a pear danish from Cucina. Yum.

Back to work, sorting through e-mail. Around 2:30 noticed it was 2:30, and that I was sort of hungry again. Made an egg, onion, bell pepper scramble. Ate some. Worked some more, again mostly on CS stuff. At 5, went over to Kevin's, sold his bed. (No, this is not part of some sneaky plan to make sure he has to stay at my place when he gets back to Israel...or if it is, he's authorized it. :-) Came back, made dinner -- mashed sweet potatoes and jerk red snapper. Yum.

Watched a little dumb tv, around 6:30 got restless again and started working. Mostly worked on spec fic stuff, revamping Jed's schedule, laying out tasks for the various editors. It's kind of fun telling people what to do, y'know? :-)

Now it's 9:30 and I'm not sure what to do. Might watch a movie. Would rather work, but no one is answering my e-mail. I suppose they're all off having fun on a Saturday night. Losers. They could be working instead! Don't they realize?

Maybe I'll just balance my checkbook while I wait for the e-mail to come flooding in. They'll be home soon from their dinners, their dancing, their *socializing*. They'll check their e-mail. They'll realize that they could have been working all day, *just like me*. And *then* they'll be sorry...

You gotta feel sorry for the poor buggers.

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