Hey, munchkins. Well,…

Hey, munchkins. Well, I'm writing these later and later, since having houseguests inevitably keeps me up later and later; it'll be a bit jarring shifting back to bed at 9 and up at 5 for Wednesday. Ah well.

Brunch was fun, and after that I took Jed to the Beehive House, where Brigham Young lived (2nd prophet of the church). They give short tours, which are interesting, and the house is just resplendent. I do find it fascinating you can actually see paintings of a church prophet -- he was very much a real historical figure. You can see his coat and walking stick and the desk he used to sit at when working on church matters. You can see his daughter's wedding dress (tiny!). I'm used to thinking of prophets in Catholic terms -- John the Baptist crying the in the wilderness, who may or may not have really existed, and certainly didn't leave us his daughter's dress or shoes. This is very different.

Then we did a bit of shopping (I was trying to convince Jed that he really could wear dark green or burgundy, but I'm not sure I succeeded), and then went to a movie. The movie is what I wanted to tell you about.

If you love Star Trek, run, don't walk to see GalaxyQuest! It's a dead-on parody of Star Trek -- the actors, the conventions, the technology, the ship, the aliens, the writing...and AT THE SAME TIME, it manages to be true to the spirit of Star Trek, to evoke sense of wonder and noble qualities. I was alternately literally thumping the seat beside me (or Jed's leg) as I bent over laughing, or trying to restrain a choked 'awwww...' at a touching Trek/Quest moment. I only wish there had been more Star Trek fans in the theatre -- Jed and I were laughing much louder than anyone else, and I would really love to see this movie at a con, surrounded by those who know and love the show.

Plan for today: work in the morning, have lunch of leftovers, go drive up into the canyons for the afternoon if the weather's nice. Right now, it's looking awfully grey -- hopefully the sun will come out. The sambar came out very well, btw -- I used the standard mix, but used three small potatoes in addition to the canned tomatoes, at Roshani's suggestion, and it thickened the sambar nicely. I like a sambar that almost sauce-like, instead of being like a watery soup. You do need to simmer it for a good hour if you're aiming for that, so start the sambar early (and in a big pot)!

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