Martin Luther King…

Martin Luther King Day

The sky is a strange pearly blue-grey this morning, and the curving tree branches stand out thick against it. It's a cool light, but lovely.

Jed's been missing California sunshine, and I'm a little sorry he won't see Salt Lake in the sun, but to be honest, I like this weather better, and it's a lot rarer. The quiet almost-rain of it is calming. Maybe I need calming.

After dinner yesterday (Susan and Kevin came over, and we made cornish game hens roasted with rosemary and garlic, lemon risotto and steamed broccoli, with ice cream for dessert) Jed and Susan and I watched a movie (Better than Chocolate, lots of fun) and then stayed up talking for a long time. By the end of it, I was feeling really odd -- emotional and weepy, even though it had been a pleasant conversation which shouldn't have had anything like that reaction. I could blame it on the 1.5 glasses of wine I'd had with dinner, but that seems unlikely after a movie and ice cream. I could blame it on their teasing me, which they did rather join forces to do, but it still seems silly to get upset over that, since it was all meant in good fun. I think I'm going to blame it on exhaustion, since we were up until about 2 a.m. Exhaustion and upcoming deadlines. Seems plausible.

This morning I finish some AE work which Jed has been exceedingly helpful with (remember to put him in the credits!) and a couple other writing tasks. A student asked me to write a recommendation for him! Woohoo! I know I'll never be excited about this again, but boy, did it make me feel professorial! I also want to take a stab at a short essay an editor asked me for (for Sex and the Single Girl), and then there's some Ph.D. application materials. Of course, Jed and I still have three more movies to watch before he goes, so perhaps I won't get ALL of that written today. :-)

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