Good morning! :-) I’m…

Good morning! :-) I'm in an awfully good mood; I suspect it's the company. Not that we've been running around doing anything particularly exciting; in fact, after dinner last night, Jed and I sat around catalog shopping until I fell asleep (I think he expected me to be able to tell him things like what twill is, or the difference between chinos and khakis, but I was no help at all). This morning, I got up and worked a little, he got up, we chatted over my tea, he went down and picked up breakfast from Cucina from us (pear danish, yum), and now he's looking through some of my books while I type this. Nothing earth-shattering, but very very pleasant. And occasionally silly. At one point over breakfast:

MA: You're sweet.
Jed: Sweet as a danish... *beat* ...and twice as cheesy.
MA: *giggle*
Jed: *look of sudden befuddlement flitting across his face* Hey, Pär's not danish, he's sweetish!
MA: *falls down laughing*

Okay, maybe you had to be there...

Now off to putter, clean and cook. Brunch at 12:30! I'm making idli and sambar and coconut sambol (Indian breakfast), and some scrambled eggs to go with the English muffins and bagels that Susan is bringing. We'll see what everyone else brings -- I like potlucks!

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