I just typed April 15,…

I just typed April 15, and had to correct it. That is *totally* wishful thinking...I've fallen a bit behind in my work.

Todd will be tempted to blame it on himself and Debby visiting, but the fact of the matter is that I really just haven't felt like working and have invented all sorts of excuses to justify avoiding work. Sure, taking a day off after the break-in was reasonable -- maybe even two. But after that, I've spent entirely too much time relaxing, reading (two books Karen recommended, which I enjoyed: Peter Beagle's _The Folk of the Air_ (though the ending depressed me) and Philip Pullman's _The Golden Compass_ (really marvelous, in the proper sense of the word), and gallivanting about. I could have easily done less of all three, but I didn't want to. I will undoubtedly pay the price soon.

I *have* had a lovely time. Friday we went to the Japanese tea garden and wandered through the Haight (I got *so* tired. I don't know what's wrong with me). Saturday we lounged about all morning, and in the afternoon I went shopping (for kitchenwares I needed, but still). In the evening I had dinner with Arthur at the Korean place my mother liked so much in Berkeley. Very good. Today we had a nice brunch with Ian and El and David and Heather and Arthur, then rested some (though I didn't take the nap I should have taken). In the evening Todd and Debby and Heather and I went to Anne Semans' home for a small shindig to meet and greet our fellow 'online luminaries' (this is verbatim from the invite -- I'm not making this stuff up. Apparently I'm a luminary. :-)

It was absolutely marvelous meeting Jane Duvall and Heather Corinna in person, and there were some other neat people there too. Lots of shop talk, which was exciting and invigorating. Good stuff all around.

Now I'm exhausted, and I'm trying to figure out whether I should try to do some work, or just go to sleep. Tomorrow morning we're planning to meet up with Karen and Par at 9:30 a.m. and drive up to Napa and go wine tasting, which means that I need to be up by 9 at the latest, which means I could theoretically stay up 'til 1 and get some work done, but I'm not sure it's a good idea. Last week's eHow's focus is on foot care -- would you really trust me to tell you how to remove corns and bunions when I'm sleepy and tiddly enough that the monitor is blurring? I might give you the cure for poison oak instead of athlete's foot...

"She's really drunk -ed."

My roommate thinks he's funny. I think I should go to sleep. In the morning, I'll tell him whether he's actually funny or not. I can't tell right now.

Have a good week, my dears. Don't drink too much red wine on a mostly empty stomach.

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