Well, munchkins, I’m…

Well, munchkins, I'm sipping my tea and trying to wake up. In about fifteen minutes, David should be arriving, and we're going to take Todd and Debby to the airport. This is mostly a sad thing, as they've been wonderful houseguests (I recommend them highly to any hosts) and a joy to have around...on the other hand, having them here has made it much too easy to put off working, and I'm actually rather looking forward to diving into work once I get back from the airport.

Last night was loads of fun. There was quite a massive crowd at Good Vibes for the book party -- the store was packed with friendly faces. Anne and Cathy got up and talked for a while, introducing the book and their process in putting it together (with some fascinating anecdotes, including some rather disturbing ones relating to Anne being a mother and people's reactions to that). Then they called on me to start off the guests. Meep.

Public speaking used to terrify me. It still does in many ways -- my stomach was churning before I went up there and my hands were ice cold, as usual. On the other hand, those are sort of automatic responses that have very little to do with how nervous I consciously am. At this point, my conscious mind knows that I've done lots of public speaking, that I generally don't mess up too badly, that it's been a long time since I stood up there absolutely mortified at having made a fool of myself (luckily Kevin was the only one of my friends who witnessed that time), and that I even look less nervous than I am. So it's not awful.

Anne and Cathy seem to have decided that I'm a reliable crowd warmer-upper, and I have a feeling that I better get used to going up first. I think I talked a little too long last night, but it was such a friendly happy crowd -- they were predisposed to enjoy themselves, to laugh at all the appropriate moments, and I couldn't resist taking advantage of that. I can see why you'd want to be a comic. It's such a thrill, making people laugh. It's a good thing I don't have delusions that I can be funny all the time, on cue, or my friends would be suffering a lot more.

After I talked, lots of good people got up there. Jane was painfully shy/nervous, but totally charming nonetheless. Heather Corinna claimed to be nervous, but I'm not sure I believed her -- but she was so cute in her tiny frilled black shorts, her fishnets and her Hello Kitty tank top that I forgave her. Todd actually did get up and talk about mouth organ, and though you could tell he was a bit nervous (he never looked at the crowd), he was also interesting, cogent, and funny. A success all around for our side!

Whoops -- time's running away from me, and I better go throw on some clothes. I'll talk to y'all later -- have a good day!

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