David Taylor’s…

David Taylor's birthday

The David mentioned above was my first 'boyfriend'. We were friends in grammar school, from 5th-8th grade or so (and kept up the friendship sporadically afterwards). Inevitably, we were teased about being a couple even though we weren't. We were part of a clique of four (Karen, David, Dan and I) who were the 'smart kids'. Because there happened to be four of us in our class, we got to band together and not feel quite so outcast as we might have. I wonder what I'd be like now if I hadn't had them.

Hey, David -- you reading this? Drop me a line. Tell me what you're doing... David Taylor was last seen in Connecticut. If anyone happens to know him, lemme know, okay?

Feeling really happy this morning. Partly that's 'cause Todd and Debby arrive tonight, yeeha! :-) Gotta wash the sheets in the guest room and clean up a bit and plan dinner (Sri Lankan food, I think). Going to the library to do some research for eHow in a bit, and then I'm coming home to do a last bit of vegetable gardening (put the spinach and lettuces in). Todd and Debby arrive circa 9 p.m. Should be a pleasant day.

Yesteray morning I was so virtuous working that I felt justified in taking the afternoon off.

Yesterday afternoon was truly lovely. I went up to Berkeley and met up with Karen. We swung by a garden store (where Heather met us to give advice) and I bought all sorts of lovely things (and Karen bought some pretty plants which she forgot at my house :-). Then we drove to my place and I made lunch -- Thai noodles from a package which were nonetheless really good and a spinach salad with mandarin oranges and an intense vinaigrette. I'm not sure they really *went* together all that well, but they were yummy anyway.

We talked for an hour or two, and then we gardened for an hour, putting in the tomatoes and bell peppers and eggplant and zucchini and chili peppers and a few more herbs (purple basil is *so* gorgeous). I could really go nuts with herbs. There are at least half a dozen more I'd like to plant, but I already have more than a dozen and I suspect I should be exercising restraint at this point.

Then we came inside and chatted some more over tea and shortbread and strawberries with sugar (I like *lots* of sugar with my strawberries :-). Then we went to Gray Wolf Books in San Leandro (where Karen hadn't been before), and happily shopped until they closed at 6. I got 10 books for $20 :-).

I could see spending all my afternoons like this. Shopping and cooking and lunch and talking and gardening and tea and bookstores. Does life get better than that? I want to be a lady of leisure! (I'm giving myself this week to take it easy. Next week, feel free to chide me if I seem to be goofing off too much.)

In the evening, I rested and read a bit, and then went with David and Heather to David's friend Billy's Spoken Word event. Heather and I read, and I think we both read fine, though it was a tiny audience and more a chance to experiment than anything else. I learned some stuff about reading "The Dance is in the Blood", which is good.

I was awfully tired when I got home, though.

I should probably go do stuff. In the meantime, you should stop by Pamie's pages -- this is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. (The painfully true things often are hilarious, aren't they?) Have a good day, everyone!

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