Dangit — yesterday was…

Dangit -- yesterday was Lisette's birthday, and I just realized I forgot. Grumble grumble. Otherwise, the day isn't doing too badly. I slept a little later than I'd planned, but once up, I was reasonably prompt about getting through mail, drinking tea, and doing the revisions Cecelia needed on the vampire story (Would You Live For Me?). That was satisfying, especially since I think the revisions make it a better story -- huzzah for good editors! :-) I just hope they mesh well with the earlier writing...I think I used to over-write a fair bit, and I tried to fix that a little as I went through, but it would probably take a serious re-write from scratch to really fix it; style traits are pernicious things and hard to get rid of with casual weeding. Speaking of gardening, Ellie loved the thyme garden. She and Ian have some soppy romantic association with thyme too, so that just added to it. Hooray! She's been having a rotten few weeks, so it's nice to be able to cheer her up a bit. Our roses have started blooming. This tiny thing makes me so happy. By the May party, I fully expect the roses to be exuberant. It'll be very nice. :-) The plan today is to work a little more (though I'm not sure on what), and then around 10:30 head up to Berkeley. There I'll meet up with Karen, we'll go to a nursery, pick up some plants, come back, have lunch and then do some planting. And do some girl-talk. I've been needing girl-talk, I think. The aftereffects of the break-in seem to be settling down. It took me a little longer to fall asleep than usual last night, but not too long. I'm getting used to the empty spaces in the house that used to hold electronics. Sherman is loaning me his boombox and Jed is loaning me his laptop, so I'm not totally bereft. Friends are marvelous. It's an excuse to start hunting for a decent cordless phone, since the one I had was terrible. (What I really want is one of those wireless headsets for console gaming so my hands stay free and my neck doesn't get all scrunched up, but I suspect those, if they exist, are way out of my price range). I do need to start looking for teaching jobs. I think that's the plan for this evening. I'm not quite sure where one starts with this sort of thing. I have teachers to call for recommendations, but I think I should figure out what the jobs I'm applying for are first. Surely there's a listing somewhere? I guess I'll see where the net takes me this evening. Anyway, it's a beautifully sunny day here, and if I finish my work up quick, I can get in a little gardening before I head north. So I'll talk to y'all later -- have a marvelous day.

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