Friday: I forgot to…


I forgot to send this to my other account when I left work. Silly Mary Anne. And now I have to do a quick entry 'cause time is running short before my plane.

Highlights: Interview this morning went reasonably well. I think. They want me back for another one, which is a good sign. They all seem like really nice people, and relaxed, which is promising for if I take the job (if they offer it).

Finished the Matthews. Yum. Gods -- if you told me, 'There's this book about a torturer and it's really really good', I'd go 'yeah, sure'. That's the real reason _The Sparrow_ won the Campbell award, instead of the first Matthews book. But this was very cool (if not, perhaps, *quite* as suspenseful as the earlier two). And there is at least one broad hint dropped for a later book, which is fun.

Best American Erotica 1999 is out! Okay, only in selected stores, but I was in Printer's Inc. in Mountainview last night with Jed (we had dinner at Don Giovanni's, seafood risotto and tomato-herb gnocchi, with black forest cake split between us, mmm.... (gnocchi is one of those things that I can make, but is a pain, so I'm happy to let a restaurant do it superbly well for me)) and they had it! My story is in there! I'm jumping up and down for joy -- don't you wish you could see me?

So now's the time to haunt your local bookstores. Ask them if they have it. Ask them if it's in yet. Ask them why not? Make them display it prominently. Turn it face out on the shelves. (You are welcome to do that with the other books I'm in if you can find them, of course. :-)

This is so cool.

Gotta go finish some work, and then off to pack and catch a plane. Will write you from Utah...

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