Hey, munchkins. I’m…

Hey, munchkins. I'm writing from Salt Lake, not quite believing that I have to get up at 4:30 or some such tomorrow morning to fly home. Too short a trip, but certainly better than nothing. It was good to be here.

I did get a little work done, though not as much as I'd hoped. Finished a first draft of what I was calling "The Interview", and what is now titled "Challah". I'll send that along to the readers list. Also wrote a book review of an erotica anthology for Clean Sheets -- only I couldn't resist the urge to write it in iambic pentameter. I'm going to send that out too, so y'all can tell me if it's too silly. If so, I have another day or two to write a normal review.

In other news, the new issue of Scarlet Letters is up, focusing on bisexuality and polyamory, with some work by me. Check it out! Okay, you've read all these poems before, but now they're collected nicely, and one is even illustrated. I like the illustration too. It's cool.

It's interesting how different their approach is from ours. It makes me wonder if we've made the right choice with Clean Sheets -- we'd certainly have a lot more freedom/flexibility if we hadn't made a commitment to updating every week. On the other hand, we thought regular updates were important to keep readers coming back, and I still believe that, though there's a definite appeal to the Scarlet Letters 'pack it all in one big issue' approach. Hmm...hard to say, really. Guess it's still a wait and see game.

They do have one big advantage, in that their editors (or some of them anyway), are willing to get naked for the camera. That's gotta score some hits...

I did learn from _The Women's Guide to Sex on the Web_ (I did mention this new book, right? It said really nice things about this site! :-) that Nerve started out with $100,000! That made me feel much better about CS, since we started out with pretty much zip, and have still managed to put together a pretty cool magazine, in my humble opinion.

Anyway, I's tired, so I's going to go send off these stories and then go see if I can drag Kevin away from the Simpsons. Thank the gods he didn't insist on watching the Superbowl. We went to the bookstore instead.

Oh, almost forgot! It looks like Karina's coming to visit for a month! Huzzah! She'll be arriving Saturday, if she comes. Very happy Mary Anne. I've missed her!

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