Thursday: I decided…


I decided it would kill me. I'm flying out Friday evening, returning Monday morning (and going directly to work). It's a good thing that boy is indulgent.

In other news, readings are just popping up all over the place. There'll be the "My Sucky Valentine" reading, which Thomas promised to get me more info on by Monday. And it looks like there's going to be one for _Hot Off the Net_ at the S.F. Barnes & Noble at the end of March, so that'll be exciting too. Hopefully they won't interfere with visiting Kevin.

You may be wondering, with all this hopping around and such, when actual work is getting done. Well, I'm still waiting on a name and a password from UC Berkeley for my classes -- hopefully that'll be taken care of soon. Then I really will have to give up all social life. Although I can probably still justify visiting Kev since he works all the time anyway, and I just end up working more when I'm around him.

I'm starting to itch to write a story, but it's not quite at the critical compulsion stage. Soon, I hope. In the meantime, I'm reading lots of sf/f stuff -- just finished Laura Hamilton's _The Laughing Corpse_, another of those necromancer books which are just compulsive and I'm probably going to buy the next in the series at lunch today if the bookstore has it. A Christian necromancer. A really sexy, violent, defensive, powerful Christian necromancer. Yum.

And after reading in Ceej's journal that the new Susan Matthews Inquisitor book was out, I ran (not walked) to the bookstore and bought that instead, _Hour of Judgement_, which is sitting next to me on my desk and which I am trying to resist even as we speak. (I could just sneak out back for a while. My boss is out of town. Who would know? No, Mary Anne. Bad Mary Anne. Must! Finish! Filing! (The fate of the free world depends on my getting these photocopies done, you know. *And* properly collated and stapled.))

Okay, when I start talking about collating, you know I should be doing something else. Talk to y'all later...

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