Well, a mellow day…

Well, a mellow day today. Slept in (stayed up late last night talking to Roshani) and then took my time getting started. But now I've been chugging along on the tech writing for a while, and thus feeling virtuous. It's pleasant knowing that I won't have to go outside today (it's *cold* out there, though brightly sunny). Kevin's CD thingie is fixed now, so I can load five CD's at once. Right now I've got Billie Holiday, Alanis Morrisette, Black 47, Indigo Girls and Alphaville loaded, I think. A bit of an odd assortment, but I don't like most of Kevin's music, so I listen to what I can stand. :-)

Wish I had something exciting to report -- on Clean Sheets, the gallery has been delayed 'til Saturday (Kirstin got slammed with unexpected evening work at the office, poor munchkin), but we've now got a music reviewer, which is exciting. I think y'all will like his first column, on Bolero. Now I need to figure out how copyright law relates to music -- what constitutes fair use? Can I snag the first minute of some recording of Bolero without infringing the performers' copyright? It would be great to have that accompany the review. Anyone know?

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