Hey, the gallery is up! …

Hey, the gallery is up! (Yes, I know there's a typo where it says Lee still -- it should be fixed shortly). It's like getting presents when the artists go up, because I haven't seen any of their work before -- the art editors handle it entirely. I really like this new one, a Danish artist named Mikkel Urup, who works in a variety of media with really striking results. I'm not generally much of a visual person, but his robot lady is way cool, and some of his shots of women masturbating, alone in the woods, are really charming...

Stayed up too late last night talking to Kevin, and as a result just woke up (it's 11-ish). Which kind of messes up my work plans for the day -- I may just take it off and work tomorrow. We'll see. I'm going to go dancing tonight, though -- square dancing, whoo-hoo! :-) Kevin's going to drop me off and pick me up...trying to get that boy to dance (*any* kind of dance, lest you think he only objects to weirdo dances like square dancing) is like trying to...well, trying to do something really hard.

What, you wanted a better metaphor than that? What do you think I am, a writer?

Have a good day, people!

9:00 -- Well, for complicated reasons, didn't end up dancing tonight. Ah, well. Did do a *lot* of reading. Finished _The Night Watch_ yesterday, actually -- some beautiful passages in there. Read the new Elizabeth Moon, the sequel to _Once a Hero_...oh, I'm forgetting the title. Good romp, though - lots of fun. And finished Maxine Hong Kingston's _The Woman Warrior_, which was really stunning and reminded me all over again why I got so excited about the creative nonfiction class last spring. I highly recommend this book. The subtitle is "A Girlhood Among Ghosts", and the ghost stories she weaves into it are enthralling.

I have this vague urge to write (which is why I'm typing this), but nothing to write about. Drives me crazy.

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