It’s my mother’s…

It's my mother's birthday today -- must remember to call tonight.

Well, another issue of Clean Sheets went up fairly smoothly, all things considered. Kirstin and I had both forgotten that humor was scheduled for this week, so I scrambled a bit putting something together, and I'm not even sure it's funny. Stop by and let us know! I'm very happy with the fiction piece this week, by Bob Vickery ("Driving"), and it's something of a coup to have an erotic poem, "model of perfection" by Joe Haldeman (yup, for you sf fans out there, *that* Joe Haldeman). He's a total sweetie. We also have a review of the Celtic Phallus, which I admit to having an unreasonable fondness for, despite its outrageous price -- it's just so purty, especially the one in cinnabar. And hopefully later today we'll have a new artist as well (these are tending to lag a bit behind, but they *are* getting up).

We've also got Bob and Shmuel busy at work on the bookstore, so hopefully by the weekend it'll be much more updated. And Kirstin and I have started putting the archive together, which is pretty exciting too.

And, of course, there's the tech writing day job. It's a little hard to get excited about writing a user manual, but it *is* nice to do work that I know I'll be paid for (eventually -- I still haven't gotten my first check from them -- problems with the mail). And there's something virtuous in writing a clear user manual; people get so stressed when trying to understand computer's nice to think my chapters may ease that somewhat. We hope.

Not sure there's much other news. Now in the midst of _The Night Watch_, which has gotten quite compelling and hard-to-put-down, as expected. I knew my faith would be rewarded. Sean is a *harsh* writer at times. Making curry for lunch. Hoping Kevin will come home soon and help with some computer problems. That's all, folks!

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