Many thanks to those of…

Many thanks to those of you who sent me the file I accidentally erased. Y'all are wonderful!

Other news -- well, the party last night was fabulous, and everyone liked the dress I made (well, everyone who commented, anyway), which was a thrill. I think I'll take it along to World Fantasy with me.

That's the next big thing -- I'll be reading at World Fantasy in Monterey at the end of the week. If you're already going, I'd love to see you there -- stop by and say hi! If not, you might want to go if you love sf/f, but keep in mind that there's a $125 membership fee. Details above. I'll probably read something new there. Or new-ish. :-)

Not sure what else there is to report -- had a writer's group meeting today, went well, as usual. Inspiring. Maybe I should try actually writing something (it's been a while).

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