Goddamit. I just…

Goddamit. I just managed to overwrite my main diary page. If any of you has a copy stored in cache (it would have been: "http://www.mamohanraj.com/Diary/diary.html"), please send it to me? It'd be a right nuisance reconstructing it from scratch.

Argh. It's a day for frustrations, it seems. I made the first major mistake in sewing my dress this morning, which I think I can fix, but it bugs me that I made it. And then David got on my nerves. And then Carol was quite late coming by (not her fault). And then Ian was willing to take me on my little run up to Berkeley -- but he needed to do some shopping too. Okay, fine, but we had horrible luck finding his stuff, so that my half-hour trip turned into a three-hour trip, and we didn't even manage to get everything he wanted. This day has a jinx on it -- I'm almost afraid to call Kevin back (he called when I was gone, of course), 'cause I'm afraid I'll pick a fight with him. I'm not even unhappy -- just vaguely irritated with the world at this point.

Okay. I'm going to calm down now.

Other news. Well, we're having a Halloween party tomorrow, which should be fun. I'm not sure if I should even attempt to do any of the cooking for it tonight, though, considering. So tomorrow may be a long day.

Heather wrote a really long and funky journal entry. She even put up some of her old poetry from ten years ago. Heather is much braver than I am.

She talks about old boyfriends too. I only do that sort of thing terribly obliquely. I'm not sure why.

Hmm...I don't think I'm able to put together a coherent entry right now. Will talk to y'all tomorrow, I hope.

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