Well. I’m up early, I’m…

Well. I'm up early, I'm awake, I feel somewhat better. These are all good things. I also have a new bookshelf, delivered during the night by the bookstore fairy. (Actually, a donation from El's sister Liz, who was getting rid of old furniture. It did arrive after I went to sleep, though.) Having a new bookshelf is also a good thing, except that I want to fill it and relieve some of the overflowing pressure elsewhere rather than doing other work.

I'm going to, too. It'll nag at me until I don't.

And then I'll write my editorial, which is the last thing to go up on CS this week. I misfiled one of the articles, but I'll fix that when I do the updates next week. I need to update the bookstore too, but that's not as time-sensitive. So after writing the editorial, I'll fix the contract, send it back to Brad, call Jen and see if there's more to do on the tech writing gig, call the dentist and see if I can schedule some more appointments, do what Sarah asked for on the water anthology for Melcher and...hmm...there must be other tasks that I've been putting off for days that I should do now that I'm feeling better. Oh, if my check hasn't arrived by 2, call Steven. Right. Pay bills if check has arrived. Umm...that's all I can think of.

This evening I need to pick up some groceries so I can make snacks and dessert for some guests (we're ordering pizza for dinner), but that's later. Ditto sewing some more. Thanks for the stay-stitch advice, both of you!

Okay, no more babble. Work now.

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