Hey munchkins. I’m…

Hey munchkins. I'm looking for a favor. I could really use some help with coding for Clean Sheets. This isn't an especially difficult task; it would be mostly doing things like updating the bookstore, which involves ftp'ing somehow (in UNIX or with a program like Fetch) to our site and typing in some info each week on author's books and linking to Amazon. I'd guess it's about an hour of work each week, but it would be hopefully ongoing for quite a while. I'd be happy to talk anyone interested through the technical aspects -- it's really very simple. I could do it myself, but since it's not critical, it seems to get neglected. :( Who knows if you'd ever get paid, but you'd get to associate with the coolest new webzine on-line. :-) *And* you'd get my undying gratitude. Let me know if you're interested...it'll be pretty flexible if you take it on (i.e., it doesn't really matter if you miss a week here or there).

Today we take visiting Clarion writer Chiara Shah to wander through the city. Exploratorium/Golden Gate Park. Should be fun, if not very productive. May do Irish dancing tonight, depending on when we get back. :-)

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