Great news for me! Got…

Great news for me! Got a letter yesterday announcing that my story, "Fleeing Gods", has been accepted to the Best American Erotica of 1998 anthology, edited by the lovely Susie Bright. :-) :-) :-)

Also, a nice review (very short) from Buzz Review #18, an e-mail newsletter:

Some books are works of art. This book transcends art.

Erotica is hard to review. People are different. Take a chance and decide for yourself. On any level this is a crowning achievement.


A little over the top, but charming, nonetheless.

In other news, today is busy and crazy and I'm going away for the weekend for a professionalization workshop; should be fun. I'll be back Sunday afternoon, so no journal entries 'til then. Had a good conference with Julie (Fiction teacher and thesis advisor) this morning about where my new book is going, and am psyched to work on it. I even practiced some, so I shouldn't totally embarass myself at my music class. I had a pleasant evening yesterday, dinner and music lessons and good conversation with David. Generally, life is good, I'm feeling exuberant, picture me doing a little dance of joy. :-)

Okay, now I'm getting silly. Have a wonderful weekend, my dears.

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