Well, back a little…

Well, back a little early from the professionalization weekend, which was often bleak, but very informative. I'm still pretty determined to be a teacher, even though it appears likely that there'll be a two-year community college internship period before I can teach at a four-year college. However, if I publish enough books before then, perhaps I can bypass some of that. The weekend was held at the youth hostel in Sacramento. This was one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever been in, in a lovely town. If you're considering visiting Sacramento, you really should check out one weird globe, they have the best deals on hostels. You just can't get a better deal. I have to remember to check hostels anytime I'm travelling someplace I don't have friends I can crash with. I served on a publishing panel, then attended one on writing jobs outside academics, one on teaching jobs, and a final one on good interviewing and reading/presentation techniques. Very interesting all around, and if you're in San Francisco, you really ought to try swinging by Cafe du Norde and listening to Thea Hillman do poetry slams. The woman is amazing, and a good erotica writer as well. Someone to keep an eye on. 7:10. Just a quick note that Screech is up and running again, with two columns by me. Hooray! :-) I spent much of today on the phone (with Roshani and Kevin), and my room is really clean. Didn't get much work done.

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