Hmmm…what to report? …

Hmmm...what to report? Yesterday was insane with phone calls; I had been neglecting getting back to people, and last night they all decided to take revenge by calling at once. I think I spoke to over ten people in the course of an hour. Glad I have call waiting.

More excitingly (I love making up words), Karina called early this morning, with the possibility of coming out from Australia for a visit in January. That would be lovely, and I hope it happens.

Today is catch up on adminstration day. Schedule a room for my writing workshop, "I Hate the Five-Paragraph Essay". Ask people to be on my thesis committee. Find a thesis advisor. Fill out pertinent forms so I can graduate. Register for next semester's classes. Find out what I'm teaching in the spring (TA'ing probably either British or American survey). Etc. and so on. My Fiction class critiques 7000 words of my erotica today. Meep.

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