*yawn* Morning,…

*yawn* Morning, everyone. Almost afternoon here, and time passing swiftly. (Ain't that always the way when you're trying to catch up on work?) I'm actually feeling reasonably in control this morning -- catching up on my teaching journals, almost done with my analysis of my demo, finished my fiction evaluation, read all the submissions for the anthology so far (tentatively titled "Maiden Voyage"), cooked cornbread this morning so I didn't have to buy lunch on campus...just generally productive and in control. Still behind, but in a controlled way. :-) Catching up fast. I expect to be all caught up on academics by the end of the week. So there. :-)

Had an interesting time yesterday evening talking to my photographer friend Steve about a possible collaboration for submission to Masquerade's Erotic Journal. That would be great fun -- writing a story to go with Steve's photos.

Here are the guidelines for the anthology, in case any of you are interested in submitting to it.

Guidelines for Maiden Voyage, a new erotica anthology

Published by Masquerade Press, edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj

Short erotic fiction, no longer than 7000 words.
Any orientation okay. Sf/f/h okay. Lit fic okay.
No pedophilia, bestiality, rape. S/M okay.
- Authors must be unpublished in erotica field
. - Note: publisher is firm that f/f sex must be written by women; also, no men writing under female pseudonyms
Pays 2 1/2 cents/word; buys first anthology rights.

Reading period: 'til January 1st, 1998. (I'm setting this somewhat arbitrarily, and may extend it, or close earlier if I get enough good material).

Format: E-mail submissions preferred, cleanly formatted (I will either delete or return unreadable material) in plain text (not an attachment). If you can't do an e-mail sub let me know and we'll work around it.

Mail to maryanne@mamohanraj.com, with a clearly marked header reading:
If it doesn't have that header, I may not read it.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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