Well, today’s not quite…

Well, today's not quite as under control as yesterday was. I forgot I had something due, and will have to scramble to get it done in time for class. Should be okay, though. Some nice things from this morning -- read a lovely submission to my anthology (actually, I've enjoyed *all* of the submissions so far :-), and received mail from a high school student in Taiwan, who was doing a report on internet erotica, and wanted to interview me. :-)

Gotta scramble -- talk to y'all later!

1:20 - Well, I got the work done, with time to spare. Didn't take as long as I'd expected. Paging through stuff, I realized (how odd. I used paging through to refer to web browsing. Made sense to me at the time... :-) that I didn't remember pointing you to the latest interview with me, at Hoot Island. May amuse you. I've also put up a new column. Not as fond of this one as some of the others...hopefully the next one will be more fun.

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