The leaves may not be…

The leaves may not be turning the way they do in New England, but the chill air proclaims that it is indeed autumn. This is the first morning in monthst that I've woken up to a cold room (without having the windows open all night). Tumble out of bed, immediately layer on socks and shirt and skirt and sweatshirt and about ten minutes later I'm comfortably warm. It reminds me of when I was a little girl, and my dad was calling up the stairs so I'd get up for school, and the room was so cold, even if the heat had been on for an hour or so beforehand. I've always felt the cold more than most people do.

This morning I have no urgent homework that I haven't done yet, so I'm thinking of attempting finishing some fragments of earlier stories. Finishing one, at least. I should also practice. I'm hesitant to start on either, but there's only so long I can procrastinate by talking to y'all. And I'm going to stop now. :-)

11:55 - A productive day so far. Utterly reworte "Endings" and sent it out to you. Did a first draft of a new story, "Spirits in San Francisco", which is a fairly light piece for an erotic mythology anthology. I think it's a little too light for my tastes right now, and I also don't know enough (or don't remember enough) about Native American culture or mythology (any experts out there should feel free to volunteer their services :-) to do it properly, I fear. We'll see what my group thinks of it. Also spent some time this morning trying to get all my unfinished stories in one place -- there's far more of them than I'd realized. Fragments all over the place. Going to try to push to get a bunch of them into at least rough draft form this month, I think.

Meanwhile, I practiced only a little and have still much homework left for other classes. Ah well.

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