Morning, munchkins! Ah,…

Morning, munchkins! Ah, Thursday, at last. No classes today, so it's my catch-up day. Practice and cook, practice and cook -- that's the plan for today. Dawn and Adam and David and Ian and Heather to dinner tonight, and I'm getting mildly ambitious, making mas paan, which are these little meat buns. Heather is vegetarian, but hopefully the rest of them will like them. The street vendors sell them in Sri Lanka and I was addicted to them -- hard not to be, since they cost something like 5 cents in translation.

David's arrived, which is nice, if a little odd. I think of him as part of my Philly life, so it's a bit disconcerting having him permanently part of California life. We'll be having breakfast in an hour or so, though, which will be very pleasant. He's still a bit wired from driving across the country, but will hopefully calm down soon. :-) Jasmine (his kitty) made the trip just fine, and we're all relieved. :-)

I'm a bit nervous about the mas paan, but if it comes out well, maybe I'll put up the recipe. (It actually takes about four recipes in the cookbook, so I may not make the effort -- one for the curry powder, one for the curry, one for the dough, and a final one for the actual buns).

Btw, I was flattered to note that the latest issue of mouthorgan is prefaced with a quote from one of my stories, "Girl Behind the Fantasy". A little rush. :-) It's an interesting article, btw, as they generally are -- I find myself reading mouthorgan regularly these days (along with Ceej's journal) -- they're really the only things I keep up with on the web. I like screech and Intersmut and Hoot Island, but they're NOT UPDATED often enough. Drives me crazy.

On the other hand, I'm once again behind on my own column, so who am I to complain? Since screech and Intersmut are updating even less often than I am, there's less motivation to do mine on time. I wish I could get someone else to carry it -- various places seemed interested, but appear to have forgotten about me. :( If you feel like pestering Naughty Lynx or Good Vibes or Blowfish about it, feel free. :-)

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