Hey, guys! I hope…

Hey, guys! I hope you're all doing well this morning...it's frighteningly early here (well, it's six, but I got up at five), and I'm oddly cheerful. I honestly think my body is just happiest at this hour in the morning. Which is fine, because I'm getting lots of work done.

Finished revisions on "Deep with Sea" and sent it out today! (Well, I haven't dropped it in the mailbox yet, but I will). I know it seems as if I've been working on this story forever; that's 'cause I have. Sorry if hearing updates on it got a bit tedious, but that's what the job is like, I'm afraid...at least for me, I tend to do multiple revisions over a course of months, if not years.

I heard yesterday that Leah, co-Clarionite, just had a story accepted for the same anthology that I'm sending this one too. Which is utterly thrilling, of course, but also a bit nerve-wracking...have I left it too late? She *thought* they were still reading, but wasn't sure. Cross your fingers for me, guys...I'd really like to get into this one, as it's the last anthology in a really lovely series -- the Fairy Tale series, edited by Ellen Datlow.

I'm really sliding back into student habits in some ways; I've been so busy yesterday that I ordered a pizza for dinner and fully intend to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner today. Appalling, no? Maybe I'll make a bit pot of curry next Sunday to carry me through the beginning of the week.

Anyway, back to work. Schedule for this morning: revise my CV, adding publishing dates. Put it on-line if I get motivated enough. Shower, dress, eat cold pizza, drink hot tea. Do journal homework that I'm getting painfully behind on. That should take me through until 8 at least, I think.

Have a lovely day, my sweets.

10:42. Got some nice e-mail; a new magazine, Whispers and Shouts has accepted three of my stories. Two (Fleeing Gods and Goddess Blessing) are on my pages, but the third (A Dream of Wolves) has only appeared in print (and I'm not even sure of that, since the magazine never appeared on my doorstep (they did pay me, though, so I was hesitant about reselling first rights). "A Dream of Wolves" is odd, since it's my only horror piece to date. You may want to check it out -- it'll be in issue #2.

They asked me for a bio, and I gave them half of the one from the back of my book, but then added my favorite ice cream. I don't know why. Here's a random list of some of my favorites:

  • Ice cream -- Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia (though Doonesbury is a close second)
  • Season -- Spring. I must admit to hating more than a week of either summer or winter. Autumn is nice, but it's not really a proper season unless you're in New England.
  • Pizza toppings -- chicken/artichoke heart/onion -- painfully snooty of me, I know.
  • Planet -- Okay, I admit, I don't have a firm preference on planets.
  • Non-alcoholic beverage -- water. Truly. Sodas make me ill, and while juice is okay, I'd generally rather just drink ice-cold water. I chew on the ice.
  • Fabric -- Silk...though flannel is sounding more and more attractive as the mornings turn crisp around here.
  • Computer -- Macintosh. No question, and I've worked on IBM's for years. I just love Macs -- I hope they survive. I will be loyal until the bitter end.
  • Alcoholic beverage -- Hard cider. Currently my favorite is Strongbow, but my taste varies wildly, and occasionally I even go for a single malt Scotch (Kevin's corrupting influence), preferably the Macallan.
  • Type of man -- Mathematicians. No, it's not just Kevin. They're something so sexy about incredibly smart, inarticulate men. :-)
  • Flower -- Bougainvillea (tiny little flowers that look like leaves, but brilliantly colored, that can just cover a wall of a house). This is of course not good for someone who wants to give me flowers, as it is difficult to hand someone a wall of flowers. In that situation, I prefer a single blossom of any of the classics -- iris, rose, lily, orchid, etc.
  • Jewel -- Ruby, my birthstone.
  • Animal -- Dragon. Or if you prefer non-mythological, then lion.
It started to get really silly, so I stopped. This is what happens when I have more work than I know what to do with. (That sentence totally didn't make sense, did it? Never mind.)

I did one journal this morning -- only 6 more to go. :-) (That's to catch up, of course. I have to keep up with the ones each week.) I also have an appalling amount of practicing to do; I've been very bad. On the plus side, I'm caught up in Fiction class, and can start work on a new story, "Endings", that I've been playing around with in my head for a while. In the same series as "Interruptions"...these may end up being my next book. We'll see.

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