Well, mail is finally…

Well, mail is finally back up, but this is the message I received:

Mail RECEIVED between Friday, July 11 and Monday July 14 at 4pm that you did not delete has been lost and can not be restored.

Dammit. Not much to be done. If you think you sent me mail during that period, please resend. Anything sent since Monday will probably come through okay.

There appear to be all sorts of other problems with the site -- many many missing files, for example (damn good thing I've gotten paranoid -- most of my stories/poems are either on disk or on this site). Not sure what else is missing. Pine also appears to be down. I'm not going to panic until they finish trying to fix it and I know what the final status is.

Didn't need to deal with this now.

3:30. Argh. Don't send me mail. Just don't. I tried looking at what they've retrieved -- it's a huge mess, and I have no real idea how to cope with it. It looks like all the old saved messages can be accessed with 'mail', while all the new stuff is in one huge file called Mailbox. I have no idea how I'm supposed to deal with all this. Maybe they'll fix it soon and pine will come back. Maybe I'll log in tomorrow and it'll all be better. Meanwhile, I still have no idea how to stop forwarding on this account, and it turns out that they're changing machines at the Chicago account, so I can't access that one either. Argh. Argh!!!

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