Mail still down. This…

Mail still down. This is getting worrisome, but I don't know that I can do anything about it from here. :(

In other news, today was pretty stressful. I had a story up for critique, but that wasn't actually the problem -- that went fairly well, in fact. Easy fixes.

The problem was that we got the bulk of the novel proposal critiques today, and it was just painful. Critiquing these forces us to be a lot harsher than we normally would be, and it's really hard saying these things that you know hurt -- or even worse, watching basically negative critiques go around the room. I wish sometimes that I could turn off the empathy.

On the plus side, I read Suzy McKee Charnas's The Vampire Tapestry yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it -- the monster stayed a monster, yet managed to make me empathize with it. And after that I got to go see Carol Queen's show, which was great. I ended up writing a column about it last night -- that'll be on the Intersmut site in a week or two, and on here as soon as I get around to it (may be a little while).

Another note -- I told you to send urgent mail to Well, I forgot to turn off mail forwarding from there yesterday. Duh. So if you sent anything there, it got forwarded to the silent Mills account. Will go turn it off now. Sorry 'bout that.

Correction -- tried to turn off forwarding but couldn't find the damn .forward file. Let me apologize again and redirect incoming mail to -- I hardly ever check that account, but I'll start checking it now. Argh.

Think that's it for now -- I have to go research the tv ratings thing for the Town Meeting show tonight. I'm going to be on tv -- wish me luck! :-)

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