Mail still down. Argh. …

Mail still down. Argh. If you must reach me, send mail to

In other news, I'm feeling much better today. After the encouraging conference with Beth and Tappan, I had a good working session with Leah and Alex - very satisfying. Woke up with some ideas on how to fix plot holes in the novel. Good class today. Generally the world is a brighter place. :-)

Tomorrow and Friday are going to be long classes, as more novel proposals come in. I am preparing to be somewhat grouchy and tired those days.

Tonight is Carol Queen's performance at Beyond the Edge ($6, 7:30 p.m.) should be fun. Tomorrow is the tv thing, which has incidentally changed a fair bit from an internet focus to a tv focus. This means that they may 'play me from the audience', whatever that means, instead of putting me on the panel -- not quite what I was hoping for, but such is life. It's still an important issue, so I'm glad to be participating.

Friday I'm hoping to go see the movie Contact -- I've heard really really good things about it. I'll let y'all know. And Saturday, Leah's SO Mike (Clarion '94) is in town, and some of us are driving up to the Twin Peaks setting to enjoy the woods for a day. Should be very nice and a good break from the city.

Off to read and crit -- talk to y'all later...

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