Mills account still…

Mills account still totally screwed. I'm not going to freak out. I'm just not.

In other news, yesterday was a very stressful day for the class -- a bunch of minor explosions occurred. It's all calming down now, but it was the first real crack in our cohesion. Hopefully, we can recover the solidity, but some people were really hurt.

We did go to an awesome party last night at an administrator's house. I think pretty much everyone had a great time, and we all relaxed a lot more than we usually do at these (probably in response to the stress of the day). Today an expedition is planned to go see woods and waterfalls and mountains, which will definitely be a good thing. We've been spending way too much time staring at computers.

Much as I'd like to keep chatting, I'm definitely avoiding the story I need to write by sitting here. Will let y'all know when and where I think it's safe to send mail. If by some odd chance you must reach me desperately, send mail to -- that's Sherman, and he has my phone number. Emergencies only, please.

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