Well, today was an…

Well, today was an exciting day. I dragged Kate into my room and made her listen to me plot my novel for a good two hours -- she was extremely helpful. Now I just need to figure out my climax scene (the ending is set), and I will have a coherent plot. Then I run that by Rick and Alex, and if they pass it, then I call up Kevin and run it by him. That should all be done by Wednesday. Then I spend the next couple of days writing up a 1-15 page novel synopsis to hand in Monday for Beth Meacham and Tappan King, Tor Books editors. It is not unheard of (though uncommon) for them to buy books from Clarion students on the strength of these novel synopses. I'm a little nervous. I should probably just relax and write the damn thing.

Plotting is amazing. I've axed a major and a minor character, and turned two good characters into bad ones (one through political gain, one through a mercenary nature and self-delusion). Fascinating. Another minor character has gained much prominence. And I think (though no promises), that I may even see a happy ending at the end of the road. That won't be set in stone until I write it, though....and there's a damn long way to go before that. I wish I'd done this four years ago.

Lucius seems like a very laid back guy, who gives thorough critiques. He's doing a new piece of mine, "Slow Illuminations", tomorrow. Again, if you want a look at it, holler. I think I'm going to send "Amanda Means Love" to Asimov's once I finish the rewrite (which should also happen this week). We'll see what the group thinks of "Slow Illuminations" (another sf piece).

Dinner's almost ready, so I'm going to head back up. Baked potatoes today, yumm... Hope y'all are doing well -- I'm tired, but pretty happy. Feel like I accomplished a lot this afternoon.

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