Yes, it’s two, count…

Yes, it's two, count 'em, two diary entries in a row. Maybe I'm getting better at this. Maybe now that Chip Delany's week is over, I'm not quite so panicked. I haven't told you guys much about the instructors, have I? Michael Bishop was an absolute sweetheart -- very gentle, and a good introduction to the show. I highly recommend his Ancient of Days, and I'm told that if you like baseball, his new Brittle Innings is very good. I will never read it. :-) Chip Delany is a god among men (though fairly tough on the class). If you haven't read Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand, Babel-17, or "Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones", boy are you missing out. I may be a bit biased in this regard -- I did my bachelor's thesis on him, basically. I even read Dhalgren twice. I wouldn't recommend starting with that one. I learned a *lot* last week.

This week is Lucius Shepard. I'm not that familiar with his work, though I did read The Golden (apparently not his best), and his short story in Paragons. He has an interesting article on setting in there. We'll see how it goes -- he seems to be pretty laid back.

All right -- I'm going to attempt to use the disk drive from hell. Wish me luck.

8:25 - disk drive worked! Hooray. Those of you who requested copies of "Amanda Means Love" should have them on the way. My new column is in Intersmut. Eventually I will get copies of these on this site, but until then, you might want to swing by there. It's free. Two column entries so far, and the introductory interview.

By the way, thanks to those of you who stopped by the Tower books signing in Bellevue. It was nice chatting with you, and every little bit of presence helps convince them to carry lots of the darn book. Much appreciated.

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