Hope you all had a happy…

Hope you all had a happy Fourth of July! (In the U.S., at any rate) And I hope you all caught the CNN coverage of the Pathfinder Mars landing (our first in 20 years). Pretty gorgeous.

I'm doing fairly well -- busy with Westercon, primarily. I'm going to be at various writing panels today -- if you see me there, feel free to come up and say hello, please. Tomorrow I'll be on the Clarion panel. Last night I was on the SF Erotica panel, which went pretty well, I think.

I'm very tired. This is going to become a refrain.

I wrote what I think is one of the best stories I've written in a while -- so much so that I'd really like to perfect it. If you'd like to read a copy and e-mail back some comments, drop me a note, asking for "Amanda Means Love".

Off to eat and get to the Con...talk to y'all later.

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