Morning, everyone. Home…

Morning, everyone. Home safe, as you can's nice to be back in the old routine.

The weekend was very busy -- Saturday night dancing at Gaskell's (though I only danced one waltz, 'cause I was *so* tired (Sherman's getting much better at not stepping on my toes, and soon I hope that we won't look like total idiots as we cross the floor -- we both need more lessons, I think)); Sunday morning brunch with some friends; Sunday afternoon potluck barbecue at Thida's. Potato curry was popular as usual. :-) A lot of fun, but tiring!

It was very interesting going through my mail when I arrived; a combination of dread (bills and did I miss anything urgent) and anticipation (a huge pile of who knows what!). Especially nice were the Engdahl books that arrived (ordered out-of-print directly from her web page). Even better, though, was the notice that I've received a $400 scholarship to Clarion -- that's only partial, but it'll help a great deal. Basically takes care of my money worries for the next couple of months. Hooray!

Have a bunch of cleaning and sorting and unpacking and packing to do this week, so I'd best get started. I'll be renting my room out for July, so I need to go through and pack anything I can't stand to have broken, make space in the closet, etc. and so on. Should be interesting, actually.

Talk to y'all later...

10 p.m. or so -- Well, spent much of the day catching up on news and various paperwork-y things. Some news that may interest you -- Intersmut on-line magazine is publishing an interview with me here, and it looks like I'll be at least attempting a regular column with them. Sort of like this journal but a bit more focused. I'll have TOPICS. :-) Thought that might amuse you guys...

I also wrote a short story tonight, set in the world of my novel. Not sure if I like it. Still, it's better than being terrified of delving anywhere near the darn thing, which I must admit is where I've been for a few weeks. I just read Master of Earth and Fire, by Diana Paxson and someone whose name I'm blanking on -- a nice partial retelling of the Finn legend, and it made me itch to write, thank the gods.

I should be tired, but I'm not. Guess I'll putter around a bit more. Sleep tight, dears.

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