Happy Friday the…

Happy Friday the 13th!

Despite omens, it should be a lucky day -- today's the day that my friend Alex officially graduates, with a Ph.D. in Mathematics -- I'll have to call him Dr. Alex from now on. :-)

The day started out a little frustrating -- I had to mail some boxes back to Dale from BookExpo, right? So I call the local UPS number, and they say they have a drop off spot right down the street, at MailBoxes Etc., right? Great. So I call Mailboxes, and ask them if I can use Dale's UPS shipper number if I bring the boxes there. And they check with someone in back who says sure, no problem, go for it. Well, I get there, fill everything out, Roshani's waiting with the car and in a hurry, and then they say, oh no, we were wrong, you can't use that number here. So I ended up charging it all to my credit card, which is fine (probably) since Dale will reimburse me, but I'm a little nervous about how much cash in hand I'll have come Clarion and going to Seattle time. It should be fine, and I know I have invoices coming in to cover all the expenses, but I fret...

ANYWAY. Sorry about the rant. It's actually a gorgeous day outside, and if I'm maybe feeling a little frantic about things to do and people to see before I leave, and more than a little wistful about leaving, I'm also very excited about going home and seeing if Ian and Cliff have killed my plants and dealing with the pile of mail sitting on my desk and getting ready for Clarion. Etc. and so on. I have no real complaints.

This afternoon, Alex's graduation reception. Tonight, dinner with the relatives and then (if I'm still awake) swing by a scotch tasting at a friend's place. :-)

I probably won't have time to write tomorrow, so have a great weekend, everyone.

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