Hey, everyone! Thanks…

Hey, everyone! Thanks to all those who came to the signing yesterday -- I sold 8 copies (and autographed 12 more for the store, which means they can't return them :-) and had a lot of fun chatting with people (yes, even those of you who didn't buy books :-). B. Dalton did a really nice job with in-store publicity (big posters), and were generally a pleasure to work with.

I may be doing a radio or other interview while in Seattle, it turns out -- watch this space for more details.

The next two events (in Seattle) are:

Tower Books signing
10635 N.E. 8th Street
Bellevue, WA
June 30, 1997 - Monday - 6:30 p.m.


Beyond the Edge cafe reading
703 E. Pike Street
Seattle, WA
July 23, 1997 - Wednesday - 7:00 p.m.
-- this'll be a neat format; I'll read for about 50 minutes, and then I'll be mc'ing an open mic erotica reading -- any locals are welcome to read (or just listen, of course).

Fun, huh? I'm starting to feel like a real author. *And* we finally got picked up by BookPeople (West Coast distributor), hooray.

Things are a little crazy here as I search for my plane tickets, try to find an extra bag I can pack, and try to talk to all the people I've missed in this trip. I wasn't nearly as efficient about seeing people in Chicago as I probably should have been.

But generally, life is very good right now. I've also been reading a ton, and can recommend Mona in the Promised Land (hilarious), Tanya Huff's new Blood Debt (more in the vampire private detective with the possibly poly relationships), Erdrich's The Beet Queen (I'm planning to read her newest, Tales of Burning Love on the plane), all the Miles Vorkorsigan books (okay, I haven't read all, but lots), Lawrence Schimmel's The Drag Queen of Elfland (if you like my work, you'll probably like his), Sex Magick and Sex Magick II (the latter with my story "Fleeing Gods", just out from Circlet Press), and especially The Ethical Slut from Greenery Press. Next on my list is Nicola Griffith's Slow River, which Roshani really liked.

Fingers tired. Going to go take a break from the computer...

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