You know how you have…

You know how you have days when you really don't feel like doing what you ought to be doing? This is one of them. I've got these nice books I'd like to curl up with (Bishop's Ancient of Days and Griffith's Slow river), and instead I ought to clean the house, make dinner, stop by Mills and pick up financial aid forms, water the garden...nothing terribly onerous, you understand? I just don't feel like doing it. :-)

Yesterday was a pleasant day -- El (Ian's SO) and I went up to Berkeley, stopped at The Other Change of Hobbit, bought some books, sat in a coffeeshop (La Boulangerie) and had some truly yummy sandwiches and soup. Had an excellent talk with her about plotting problems in my novel - very helpful. She suggested collapsing two of the characters and changing the timeline drastically -- which I think will solve a lot of difficulties I've been having. Hooray! Actually started plotting the whole thing out properly, the way Kev recommended. Maybe I can fix this thing after all...

Came back, got groceries and read Pierce's third Immortals book (excellent children's series - the next one won't be out until January!!! :-( ) while El read some more of my novel, just to get a feel for it. Then we made dinner, Ian came home, Adam came by (I'd offered him dinner in exchange for him setting up my laptop for net capabilities for Seattle). Puttered around in the evening and packed some. Nothing too exciting, but it's very good to be home. Felt right, y'know? Did some minor revisions to the latest short story -- all in all, a satisfying day.

I haven't been doing much actual writing in the last few weeks, but I haven't worried about it, since I have a feeling I'll be doing plenty at Clarion. Just tidying up all the loose details of my life (and taking on new projects :-). We're thinking about setting up periodic meetings for those working in the erotica/sexuality field in the Bay Area - the first one will be at my house this Friday; e-mail me if you live in the area, work in the field, and are interested in attending either this one or later meetings.

In addition to actually packing, I should probably also clear my room of stuff so that the people subletting my room for July have a place to keep their things. Maybe I'll go do some of that now.

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