Gosh, sorry for the…

Gosh, sorry for the delay guys. Wasn't my fault, though -- had weird server problems -- first with Mills and then with this web page.

Had a pretty good weekend and end of week. Am progressing on the recorder, with is very satisfying -- I really enjoy the medieval/renaissance/baroque music we're looking at. I still have three-four more fingerings to master before I can even play the basic stuff competently, but with patience. It's interesting to find that I have a *lot* more discipline for this sort of thing than I used to as a kid, practicing the piano. I remember I used to read a book while doing scales -- hardly the best way to pracice. I don't advise it -- my poor mother.

Weekend was pleasant in some ways -- had fun at a potluck and at the Hooker's Bazaar in San Francisco, and I spent many hours talking to friends. However, the reason I spent many hours talking to friends is that two of my friends have recently been dumped. :( They're not doing too well...wish I could be more helpful. There's never any good advice you can really give -- all I can do is try to be there for them so they don't feel quite so alone. Major bummer.

Finally got that Sizzle story written (two of them, actually). Thank god -- don't know why I was procrastinating so badly on that one. And with the help of a few friends, sketched out a plot outline for the space opera. Projects for this week -- write a few chapters of that, read The Sound and the Fury, write a chapter in the collaborative novel for my fiction class (the reworking of Agnes Grey), try to get another chapter written of Dreams, a poem for tomorrow (and a lot of critique), get ready for the party Friday.

Bought my plane tickets for Chicago -- hooray!!! (God, I miss Kev. I try not to think about it too much -- but it's like trying not to breathe -- too automatic to prevent, even if you wanted to. Sigh....okay, enough complaining.) Here's an early warning that I'll be gone from the 28th to the 10th of March. May get to do some entries in Chicago -- may not. Hard to predict.

Going to go make dinner -- "Impossible Cheeseburger Pie", according to the Bisquick box. :-) I'm using ground turkey instead of ground beef -- it'll be interesting to see how that changes the recipe. Usually works fine as a substitute (in meatloaf, for example), but occasionally I've run across recipes where it totally doesn't work (generally 'cause the turkey isn't glutinous enough -- doesn't hold a shape very well).

Hope you guys had a better weekend than my friends did. :(

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