Morning, everyone. …

Morning, everyone. Well, it looks like I'm probably okay on the tax thing. It's still a little unclear whether I mark the deuction on Form 1040A or Schedule C, but that will undoubtedly come clear in time.

Today (after class), I must write the Sizzle piece. If I do anything else, I am being very bad and must be admonished. Well, that plus breakfast.

Went contra dancing last night with some friends (Patti, Iver, Jim) and had a lot of fun. I am *so* out of shape, though -- I sat out about half the dances 'cause I just got exhausted. Still, they're talking about dragging me along more regularly, so I hopefully will be able to build up my endurance a bit. I can certainly use the exercise -- sitting in fron t of a computer is hardly good for me. Now, if they could devise a little computer that you could voice activate while you walked....actually, mental activation would be even better, 'cause you get out of breath when you're exercising (though I've ben told that means you're working too hard). In any case, when they finally get around to plugging our brains directly into the net with a mobile connection, I'm there.

Off to class...

1:10 - okay, had lunch, wrote the first Sizzle story. It ran kind of long, and it probably has a bit more characterization than they need, but oh well. :-) One more to go.

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