Hey, guys. Well, I had…

Hey, guys. Well, I had a pretty pleasant evening -- spent much of it talking with Ian, my new roommate. I can't remember if I've mentioned him before -- Ellison decided that a) he didn't want to deal with the leak in his ceiling (even though the landlord promised to fix it) and that b) he really dealt better with living alone. So we bid him a fond farewell, and in moved Ian, happily enough an old friend of Sherman's who just got out of the Navy. Neat guy -- looks like it's going to go well. Cliff just got a new job, with a much shorter commute, so it looks like he'll be home in the evenings as well -- it'll be nice having people to eat dinner with during the week.

Got another assignment from Sizzle, which I'll try to do in the next couple of days. Read some of the Faulkner, but quite a ways to go -- not an easy read! Mainly I have to do the Agnes Grey remake by 2:30, so instead of writing more in this journal, I should probably go do that.

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