Hiya! Lots of web page…

Hiya! Lots of web page stuff today, mostly working on my stories page. Added a few stories and a pile of reviews. Enjoy!

Not much else new -- finished the Eddings and am planning to get back to the Windling collection. Had a good Modern Fiction class this morning, and I can feel my rather prejudiced views on Hemingway being twisted. :-)

Going to try to get more work done -- an interesting note -- apparently Backdoor BBS has violated my copyright (assuming that all this isn't public domain, which is an other argument entirely) and published a CD-ROM for-profit with my material. Bad company. Will have to see what, if anything, can be done about it. Looks like they're chraging $65 for the CD -- they can surely afford to pay the writer something...

2:30 - Added a bunch of funny stuff to the Amusing section of my home page. Fingers tired. Going to go eat something, read a little. Pretty close to done with updating web stuff -- which means I soon must dive into the stack of mail. :(

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