Hello, everyone. …

Hello, everyone. Nothing exciting in my life to report (bought a tablecloth and some napkins and a pillow today, oh excitement (actually, it was strangely satisfying. :-)). Instead, I think I'll type in something I just read....I bought a book of love letters today, and some of them are just gorgeous. It's impossible to avoid the thought of Valentine's Day (how I loathe that holiday), so I can at least indulge it in literary fashion. Hope you enjoy...

Alfred de Musset to George Sand (1833)

My dear George,
I have something stupid and ridiculous to tell you. I am foolishly writing you instead of telling you this, I do not know why, when returning from that walk. Tonight I shall be annoyed at having done so. You will laugh in my face, will take me for a phrase-maker in all my relations with you hitherto. You will show me the door and you will think I am lying. I am in love with you.

Alfred de Musset

(I admit it, it's true, I'm a hopeless romantic....)

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